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Bridgemate Control Software v3.6.10 released >

8 March 2018

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 Bridgemate v3.0 firmware released >

13 February 2018

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Bridgemate Control Software v3.5.63 released >

21 November 2017

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 Bridgemate Control Software v3.4.4 released >

29 June 2017

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Bridgemate Control Software v3.3.2 released >

17 May 2017

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Bridgemate v2.3 released >

3 May 2017

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Enhanced player number entry with ScoreBridge

20 September 2016

ScoreBridge now supports a mixture of player numbers at the Bridgemate. By specifying that the national database is to be used and that ScoreBridge IDs are to be used, a player may  enter either number. If the player is not on the club's database, but is found by BCS in BMPlayerDB.mdb, the player will be added to the club database but marked as a visitor.

EBU registers as an app 'club'

12 May 2016

The EBU has registered for app usage, and intends to use the app's Guide Card facility at the forthcoming Spring Bank Holiday Swiss Pairs event in Stratford-on-Avon on 29 May. Note that the EBU's county for app registration purposes is Buckinghamshire.