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Bridgemate Control  Software  v3.9.9

        3 June 2022

Bridgemate Control Software v3.9.9 released

Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) version 3.9.9 is now available for download. Since version 3.9.6, BCS has included support for the new Bridgemate Play facility which allows clubs to operate hybrid face-to-face/online events. Both face-to-face and online results are visible to all players in the event.

Version 3.9.9 contains a fix for the 'runtime-error 340' that may occur when Windows forcibly interrupts the power supply to the USB port via which the Bridgemate server is connected. For a full overview of the changes, see the revision history.

Version 3.9.9 can be downloaded from this article in the Bridgemate support center.