UK & Ireland

Bridgemate Play

The facility for clubs to operate hybrid face-to-face/online events.


Bridgemate Play is a joint development between Bridgemate and Pianola.

The face-to-face players use their Bridgemates as normal, and the online players use the Bridgemate Play online platform. All players see all results, both face-to-face and online, and the event is scored overall.


The club uses its normal scoring program, EBUScore, ScoreBridge, in fact any scoring program having Bridgemate support.


The club requires a Bridgemate app account, and the online players require a Bridgemate account. This latter uses the same credentials as the Bridgemate app account for those players having the app. There is no charge in either case. The club pays a small charge per event based on the number of online tables. Players pay a small annual charge for the use of the app, covering all organisations publishing results to the app.

The TD determines the appropriate event for each section, based on the respective number of tables. Boards are scored across the overall field, so the movements should be such that each section plays the same number of boards, to the extent that this is possible.

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