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Bridgemate systems comprise a 5-table [Bridgemate II] or 2-table [refurbished Bridgemate Pro] base pack plus the required number of additional handsets. The base pack itself provides the corresponding Bridgemate II/ or Bridgemate Pro wireless server, the specified number of handsets, the Bridgemate Control Software, cables, and other installation materials. Prices are inclusive of delivery, a two-year warranty, subsequent software/firmware updates, and VAT at 20%.

Bridgemate II Base Pack£896 incl. VAT

Bridgemate II system

A Bridgemate II system comprises the 5-table base pack at £896 plus £112.20 for each subsequent handset. A 10-table system for example is £1,457 fully inclusive.

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Accessories for Bridgemate II

Additional Bridgemate II handset
£112.20 incl. VAT

Additional handsets may be added to the base pack, either initially or later.Each handset is supplied with 2 AA batteries.

Bridmate II carrying case

£60 incl. VAT

Purpose-built and convenient carrying and storage case for Bridgemate II. Holds up to 25 handsets and one server.

There is also an aluminium flight case using adjustable internal dividers that will hold up to 15 handsets and one server, at a cost of £24 incl. VAT.

Additional Bridgemate II server

£240 incl. VAT

An additional wireless server with a usb connecting cable for use on a second computer.

Aluminium flight case

£45 incl. Vat

This case uses dividers to accommodate up to 13 handsets and one server.

TD Pager [watch version]

£88 incl. Vat

Watch model of the Bridgemate pager for tournament directors to receive TD-calls.

TD Pager [pocket version]

£88 incl. VAT

Pocket model of the Bridgemate pager for tournament directors to receive TD-calls.

Transmitter for pager system

£88 incl. VAT

USB transmitter for the Bridgemate pager system.

Bridgemate Pro Base Pack£375 incl. VAT

Bridgemate Pro server [new] plus 2 refurbished handsets

The original and ground-breaking Bridgemate Pro scoring device. The 2-table  base pack provides two robust and easy-to-use refurbished handsets together with a new and redesigned wireless server. Power adaptor, usb/serial converter,  and TD keys are included. Handsets are provided with 4 AAA batteries. The complete base pack is furnished with a 1-year warranty.

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Accessories for Bridgemate Pro

Bridgemate Pro handset [refurb.]

£54 incl. VAT

Refurbished handsets are added to the base pack as required..

Tournament director's key (TD-key)


Special key for the TD to configure the Bridgemate Pro, enter adjusted scores and edit/view/remove scores.

Bridgemate Pro server (new)

£240 incl. VAT

This wireless base station features a plug-in serial cable and includes a USB-to-serial converter and power adaptor.

Carrying case for Bridgemate Pro


Convenient carrying case for the Bridgemate Pro system. Holds up to 20 handsets and 1 server.

Communications cable


Serial communications cable to connect the Bridgemate Pro directly to the computer.

USB-serial converter


Converter to connect the Bridgemate Pro server and communications cable to the USB port. (included with server)

Additional products and services

Laptop PC

Supplied already setup with Bridgemate Control Software, Windows driver, and the user's choice of scoring program. Ready to go out of the box.    

Vat-inclusive prices are £225 [11.6" screen],

£265 [14" screen], £299 [15.6" screen].

Scoring programs

Several Bridgemate-enabled scoring programs are available in the UK. Contact us for further details.

Prices from the suppliers

Extended warranty

Extend the standard 2-year warranty to 4 years. Only valid for the Bridgemate II scoring system

£12 including VAT per Bridgemate

Playing cards

Bridgemate UK has discontinued supply of Jannersten bar-coded playing cards.



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