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 Bridgemates for Swiss Events


Most congresses organised by county/regional associations and the EBU either include or entirely consist of Swiss events. A typical weekend congress comprises a Swiss Pairs event, followed by a Swiss Teams event.

Such events have been transformed by the use of Bridgemates, both from directing and participating viewpoints: these days current-round assignment is invariably employed, and players receive their next-round assignments directly at the Bridgemate.

In a number of Swiss events, and particularly Swiss Pairs, results are continuously uploaded to the Bridgemate app-server. Depending on the settings chosen by the organisers, players are able to pick up their detailed results match-by-match via the app.

Apart from such events being highly enjoyable in their own right, they also provide the opportunity for members of clubs considering acquiring Bridgemates to experience their use at first hand.

One or other of the Bridgemate UK principals is involved directly in many congresses, which means we can meet our clients and potential clients face-to-face, either to answer queries or simply to say 'hello'.