Bridgemate II Logo The next generation wireless scoring system for bridge clubs and tournaments
Bridgemate II Device

More features for players and TDs.

Easier to use than any other scoring system.

More enjoyment in playing bridge!

Bridgemate II is the successor of the popular and widely-used Bridgemate Pro scoring system. The Bridgemate system is used by more than 3,000 clubs in 50 countries and is the premier scoring system of 25 national bridge organizations, the World Bridge Federation and the European Bridge League. Built on a 10-year unbeaten track record, Bridgemate II offers you even more functionality and user-friendliness, all in a modern and slim design.

Bridgemate II increases the attractiveness of your club

  • The modern and ergonomic design of the Bridgemate II fits perfectly on every bridge table.
  • Scoring has never been so easy. The Bridgemate II system is fully integrated with your scoring program and is quickly deployed within a few seconds every session again.
  • A new intuitive user interface makes entry of scores easier than ever. All information is entered on one screen, providing the players a complete overview of their input.
  • Immediate feedback of full frequency lists or travellers gives your players a better understanding of their performance.
  • Displaying player names, hand records and board analysis add to the excitement of the game.
  • Continuous validation of the score entry and feedback to the players reduce the number of TD calls and will make your sessions progress more smoothly.
  • Get rid of guide cards. Bridgemate II shows you the movement throughout the game.

But there is much more to it! Learn here all about the new Bridgemate II and what it does for your bridge club and tournaments.

Prices and ordering

For pricing, ordering, and contact information please refer to the UK and Eire page.

Scoring program developers

Are you a developer of bridge scoring programs? Learn here all about how to integrate the Bridgemate II in your scoring program.


Bridgemate Control Software v2.8.29 has now been released. Visit The Bridgemate Support Center for more information.

Visit The Bridgemate Support Center for more detail.

Read all the details about the latest firmware update at The Bridgemate Support Center

You can now try the Bridgemate yourself using this simulation program.
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