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Play, score and
track results

Score and follow your bridge events with Bridgemates
or the Bridgemate app. Combine with Bridgemate Play
to play from home or at the club. Take control of a
whole new club experience.


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Discover why Bridgemate is the most
comprehensive solution for your club


Easy scoring for all your
bridge events

Bridgemate is the world's most popular wireless scoring system for bridge clubs and tournaments. Its user-friendliness, functionality and reliability are unrivalled and lift any club to a higher level.

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Create a hybrid club with Bridgemate Play

Bridgemate Play enables you to create
a true hybrid bridge club, where face-to-face club players play together with online participants
in a single club event.

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Use the Bridgemate app to score your club game

Use the Bridgemate app on your mobile phone to follow your results or enter scores instead of using Bridgemates. Or combine Bridgemates and the Bridgemate app and score as you prefer.

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Bridgemate Play

Combine online play and face-to-face play in one hybrid club event

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Bridgemate is the official scoring system of the English Bridge Union, the European Bridge League and the World Bridge Federation